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Archivit is a subsidiary of Villar International, with a more than 40 years experience in document management and logistics.

Document archiving and management company

Archivit is one of the most professional archiving companies in Romania. The traits which define us are the extensive experience in the archiving domain, the care we show towards our clients, the passion and the constant improvement of our services.

Archivit owns nowadays the most modern archives repository in Romania. It was evaluated with a 10 by IES Ilfov at the beginning of August 2012 and it is considered to be the safest archives repository in the country.

What is recommending us?

  • High Security standards

  • Extensive experience in document archiving and management

  • We guarantee the documents and archives we take care of, to be safe

  • Good value for our clients, who become Archivit's business partners

All these are the promises that say everything about one of the top archiving companies in the country.

As part of the Villar group, we are pleased to present the new Villar Logistic Parks project, which will soon become one of the most important logistic areas in the country.

For details on the project, visit: or contact our representatives at

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