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Depozitul de arhive Archivit

Archivit Repository - the only building in the country that was specially constructed for this purpose.


With a considerable domain experience, we successfully offer archiving, depositing and archive management services to renowned companies.

From the very start of our collaboration, we will make sure that your entire burden will be taken over by our specialists. What is recommending us? Fast access to documents, permanent safety and transparency!

Archiving Portfolio

The diversified portfolio of Archivit ranges from public institutions to renowned private companies.

Most importantly, we ensure complete, flexible and good value archiving services for our clients, who become our long-time partners in the shortest time!

We work solely with archiving specialists, we ensure fast document delivery and maximum efficiency within archives management.

What makes us different from other archiving companies?

• The entire workload of our clients is taken over by our specialists!
• We guarantee high standards and fair prices for our archiving
• We guarantee the archived documents to be efficiently kept safe.
• We own the only building in Romania that was specially constructed to be an
archives repository.
• We ensure total transparency and flexibility.

Archive storing | ArchivIT
Document archiving | ArchivIT
Archive organising| ArchivIT
Archive boxes | ArchivIT
Electronic archiving | ArchivIT
Access to archives | ArchivIT
Archival consulting | ArchivIT
Confidential shredding | ArchivIT


Archivit is one of the most professional archiving companies in Romania. The traits which define us are the extensive experience in the archiving domain, the care we show towards our clients, the passion and the constant improvement of our services.

Archivit owns nowadays the most modern archives repository in Romania. It was evaluated with a 10 by IES Ilfov at the beginning of August 2012 and it is considered to be the safest archives repository in the country.

More details about Archivit here.

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