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Archive storing

Archivit offers archive storing services within the only building in Romania that was constructed by experts exclusively for the purpose of archive storing. The building was evaluated with a 10 by IES Ilfov.

Archivit guarantees the archive storing to meet the highest quality and security standards. This process has improved as a result of the extensive experience in the domain and the performant systems which are meant to prevent and put out fires.

Why let Archivit handle your archive storage?

  Good value – We guarantee our prices to be lower than the ones generated by internal storing!

  Your time is precious – There are no investments in designing and authorizing an internal space for archive storing. Pay only for what you use, so your people can work for your profit!

  The safety of your archive is our priority –  With Archivit, your archive storing will meet the highest level of safety. The documents that protect your interests will never be in danger!


  Your space can be used for its initial purpose. Let Archivit manage your archive storage and you will be able to adapt your office to your needs!

Archivit Repository – the optimum solution for archive storing

Archive storing in a space exclusively built for this purpose, such as Archivit repository, brings you multiple benefits:

  Temperature and humidity that are monitored and controlled 24/7

  Metallic shelves which are resistant to earthquakes of magnitude over 8 on the Richter scale

  Alarm systems, 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring

  Fire Security Authorisation for archive storing and all ISO certifications

  Logistics planning by specialists

  Guaranteed confidentiality

  Qualified personnel for archive management

Arhive storing | ArchivIT
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