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Document management from your perspective

Any institution or company that works with a considerable amount of documents, faces, sooner or later, the necessity of creating a coherent and efficient document management system.

In this situation, the assistance of our team is priceless. The specialists have the know-how to efficiently classify the documents, so they can facilitate quick access to documents and information. They can guarantee the document archiving process to comply with the legislation's requirements.

Concretely, our team of document archiving specialists can offer you guidance for at least one of the following steps:

 Organising the existent archive at the company's office – the process consists of optimum archive management, at minimum costs

 Constituting the archive – the main objectives are the documents' security and facilitating the access to documents

 Archive storing – archive storing is carried out under maximum security conditions, in the Archivit depository, which is the only building in Romania that was specially constructed for this purpose

 Quick access to your archive – our archive management system ensures fast document provision in the shortest time possible

Document management inside Archivit

The documents' intern flux, which has been perfected as time passed, has two stages:

Document management – Stage I: Document archiving

Correct archiving, which complies with relevant criteria of the client's activity, is an important process that contributes to the creation of an efficient document management system. The steps comprising this process are the following:

 Transporting the archive boxes to the client

 Packing and classifying files according to the storage period length

 Transporting the boxes to the Archivit depository by cars which are monitored online, through GPS

 Checking in the boxes and composing the data base

Document management – Stage II: Access to documents

The client's authorised representatives can solicit the boxes/ documents, by providing the unique barcode of the box through the online application, or by sending us an e-mail.

There are multiple possibilities of accessing the documents:

 receiving the scanned document by e-mail/ fax;

 sending the boxes/ documents to your office;

 using the visitor's room in our depository.

The document management system perfected by Archivit is meant to optimise the flow of the documents in any company/ institution that is willing to outsource the archiving services.

Document Management Certifications

By choosing Archivit, not only you benefit from the services offered by a team of experienced specialists, but you also have the guarantees given by the quality certifications obtained as a result of the auditing procedures. In the archive storing and document management domain, our company owns certifications for the implementation of the following systems: Quality Management System, Information Security Management System and Services Management System.  

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