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The considerable experience in the archiving services domain helps us successfully take over the tasks that consume your time, money and energy. We also guarantee the most advantageous prices possible!

Archiving services offered by Archivit

  •   Document archiving – the service guarantees the archive to be correctly organised, stored in authorised spaces, with fast access to documents and an archive access history and, last but not least, we guarantee the documents' safety.

  •   Archive storing within the only building in Romania that was specially constructed for this purpose. As a supplementary confirmation of the security standards we offer, the depository was evaluated with a 10 by the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IES) Ilfov.

  •   Confidential shredding of the archive – we will periodically inform you regarding the archive boxes that reach maturity and that can be destroyed. In addition, we ensure confidential shredding of the expired archives. By doing this, we help you reduce the costs generated by storing them!

  •   Archive organising at the client's office – if you already have the suitable place for storing the archive, we can help you organise the archive at your office, complying with the legal rules and the archiving procedures which are meant to ensure fast and facile access.

  •   Archival consulting – the consulting services comprise the creation of the Archives Nomenclature, a free evaluation at your office and an objective analysis of the costs generated by outsourcing the archive. In addition, we shall make available a Pilot Project which enables you to determine the volume of your archive on your own.

Archiving services offered by our partners

  •   Electronic archiving – we analyse the opportunity of implementing this solution for your company, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of physically archiving and storing the documents. We will offer you a professional advice, as well as physical archiving services delivered by us, or electronic archiving services offered by our specialised partners, according to your decision.

  •   Document binding – if your company has the obligation to send the archive to the National Archives, then it is also mandatory to bind the documents, using cardboard covers and following a set of strict rules. Archivit offers archiving and binding services, complying with the legislation and your requests.

Top services – The 7 Archivit golden rules

  •   QUALITY before anything else

  •   TRANSPARENT contract clauses

  •   FAIR value

  •   FLEXIBILITY and FIDELITY within our relationship

  •   COMPLETE archiving services

  •   Archives' SAFETY

  •   FAST access to documents

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