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ARCHIVIT S.R.L. is concerned with protecting the Company's information system against all internal, external, deliberate or accidental threats.

In ARCHIVIT S.R.L. Vision, information represents one of the most important and valuable assets of the Company. This vision applies to all information and its creation, distribution or storage, as well as to all storage media regardless of their format.

In this respect, the information security management system is applicable within all departments and all employees have the responsibility and obligation to comply with the provisions of the documentation of this system.

In order for the information security management system to function effectively and for its continuous improvement, the Company management undertakes to provide:

- compliance with the legislation in force regarding information security;

- protection of the information against any unauthorized access;

- confidentiality, integrity, availability of information;

- reporting any breach or violation of information security to the Representative of the Information Security Management and thorough investigation of such breach;

-  the necessary material, financial and human resources;

- the knowledge, understanding, awareness and application of the policy by all Company personnel;

- analysing and, as the case may be, updating the information security policy and objectives when necessary;

- conducting periodic analyses of the information security management system effectiveness.


The general objectives of information security are as follows:

-provision of the business continuity;

-minimizing the risk of information damage and/or destruction by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact;

-protecting information resources against any unauthorized access;

-employee awareness of the importance of information security activities.


This policy statement shall be communicated to all employees, shall be available to stakeholders and periodically reviewed for its continuous adequacy.

Date: 03.01.2018
code: Pol-Arch,ed.1,rev. 0

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