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Electronic archiving

We offer electronic archiving services for the digital transformation of your business:

  • outsourcing of operational processes

  • digital conversion

  • digital mailroom

  • automatic data extraction

  • digital image storage and back-up

  • own application dedicated to the administration of the digital archive.

Arhiare electronica | ArchivIT

Our solutions for the massive transformation of documents into digital format and the extraction of relevant information allow the distribution and storage of scanned documents, as well as quick access to them, just a click away.

Did you already analyse the necessity of electronic archiving services?

Let's analyse together the necessity of implementing this solution and, together with our partners that are electronic archiving services specialists, we will meet your requirements.

When do you need electronic archiving services?

Creating an electronic archive brings important benefits to companies that have a high rate of access to archives, helping them to:

  • Quickly identify and visualise any document that is electronically stored

  • Differentiated access to data, depending on the user's profile

  • Network

Electronic or physical archiving?

Creating an archive is an essential step in every company, as each document creator is subject to the archiving laws and has the obligation to ensure optimum organising and storing conditions for physical documents.

It is mandatory for companies that issue official documents to create a physical archive (on paper), independently of the optional creation of an electronic archive, the latter solution being just a supplementary help.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your physical archive to ArchivIT!

Physical archiving steps

  • Evaluate the physical archive and establish the rules for scanning and indexing

  • Transport of documents - when the conversion in electronic format is carried out at the provider's premises

  • Scanning documents

  • Indexing of electronic documents

  • Electronic image storage

All stages of the document archiving process are met at high quality standards, both in terms of setting up and storing the physical archive, through our specialists, and setting up the electronic archive, through the special partnership developed for this purpose.

If you want classic archiving and storage services or electronic archiving services or if you do not know which is the best archiving solution for your company, contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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