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Physical archiving benefits by ArchivIT

Thanks to our more than 40 years experience in the archiving and archive storing domain, Archivit offers the strongest benefits to the clients we collaborate with.

Archivit guarantees the following benefits:

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Quick access

Our specialists will ensure quick access to the documents you need, whenever and wherever you are.

Archivit guarantees you that you will never be in the position to lose time, money or important documents.

There are multiple possibilities of accessing the documents:

  • sending the scanned document by e-mail/ fax in the shortest time possible;

  • bringing the boxes/ documents to your office in normal service (24 hours), or as a matter of urgency (maximum 4 hours);

  • offering you access to the visitor's room in our depository.


Low costs

90% of Archivit's clients have reduced the archiving costs more than 50%:

•    Your company space is optimized for the original purpose;

•    Your employees work for your profit, while the archive management is taken over by our specialists;

•    Any risk of your documents being lost or deteriorated, is eliminated;

•    The expired archive is shredded on time, in order to avoid additional costs.

And not only! Archivit is constantly working to reduce the costs of archiving services. It is one of the most important goals we have.



Your archive is our main concern, so we took all the precautionary measures in order to always keep your documents safe.


A small part of what we offer comprises:

  • A non-disclosure agreement that is signed by each Archivit employee;​

  • Authorised magnetic stripe cards for different levels of security, which can be used to access the Archivit depository;​

  • Permanent internal and external CCTV monitoring;

  • 24/7 security;​

  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery for your archive;​

  • A strong commitment ensured by a contract regarding the proection of personal information;​

  • A software dedicated to registration management, with predefined access levels.

We keep your documents under permanent monitoring, with no stress or worries on your part!


Specialised personnel

At Archivit we work only with staff specialized in archiving, graduates of the profile faculties. Moreover, our specialists have solid experience in the field and at their disposal are the most efficient equipment.

Our goal is to offer you the highest efficiency, while keeping the archiving costs as low as possible.

flexibilitate si transparenta.jpg

Flexibility and transparency

We believe in an increased flexibility and complete transparency for our clients, throughout our collaboration.

The 7 rules Archivit complies with:

  • We do not charge hidden fees or additional costs​

  • We do not compel our clients to enter into a fixed term contract​

  • We do not charge an account closure fee

  • We do not require an exclusive collaboration​

  • We do not request neither a minimum amount of archive boxes nor a minimum amount to be collected monthly​

  • You pay only one withdrawal fee that includes the documents' return

  • The operational process is approved by the clients, depending on their needs


Personalised archiving services

Happy clients are provided with personalised services! It is one of the secrets that lay behind the Archivit brand.

We believe that each client is unique and that our services should meet his requirements.

With the guidance offered by our specialists, we will find the best option for our archiving services to meet your requirements!

These are the reasons why we consider Archivit to be the best solution for outsourcing physical archiving and archive storing services.


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