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Archivit offers the best buy in accounting documents archiving services, for accounting companies, businesses and institutions that are operating with accounting documents.

The National Archives Law (no. 16/1996) states clear conditions regarding document archiving and organising, as well as preserving and storing the files.

There is an increased interest in accounting documents archiving, as the amount of accounting documents in a company is greater than any other type of records. Moreover, accounting documents need to be rigorously organised and preserved in a flawless condition in order to be quickly accessible for balance sheets, administrative reorganisations, fiscal inspections etc.

Accounting documents archiving | ArchitIT

Considering these two aspects, it's no wonder why more than 50% of the documents stored in the Archivit depository are accounting documents.

Accounting documents archiving services

Through our specialists, we guarantee the accounting documents archiving services to meet the highest quality standards. In this way, Archivit guarantees the documents to be archived correctly in standardised archive boxes, complying at the same time with very important criteria:

 The type of finance and accounting documents

 The year in which the file was created

 The financial center the documents are connected to.

These three elements contribute to preserving the boxes during the term stated by law, allowing our clients to pay and store the accounting documents archive without exceeding the legal time limits.

The advantages of outsourcing the accounting documents archiving services to Archivit


Accounting documents archiving is a responsibility that should be taken over by specialists. The collaboration with Archivit offers you important benefits.

Quick access to documents

The access to the archive boxes is always fast, without any effort on your part. You just have to provide us the information contained on the spine/ cover of the file –information which has been already registered in our system, as a result of the content report- and the barcode Archivit writes on each box.

Optimised costs

By preserving the accounting documents only during the term stated by law, Archivit allows you to optimise the budgeted costs for storing the archive.

The security of the stored documents

We guarantee the accounting documents to be safely stored, inside the only building in Romania that was specially constructed for the purpose of storing and preserving archives.

To conclude, Archivit offers you professional accounting documents archiving and accounting archive storing services, helping you to make both the accounting department's and your company's activity more efficient.

Request now an accounting documents archiving offer by filling in the form below and we'll get to you in the shortest time!

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